Quality wargaming terrain at Affordable Prices

Why are we the collectors choice?

Having a background in miniature gaming since the 1970’s, both in historical and fantasy.  We sometimes struggled to find terrain/ scenery to meet our needs.

Our aim is to produce a quality range of 3D printed terrain. Using recycled materials (including packaging) and utilising our solar energy to be as green as possible.  These will be in various scales, which we will be adding to on a regular basis.

We work closely with Paul from Wow Buildings and you will find a lot of his designs on our site. In time we will be bringing on our own ranges. We hold licences for all the 3D models on our site.

The landscape is the most important thing in wargaming. For a game to be successful, you must be able to recreate your battlefield with all of the terrain and obstacles that you need for the game. The type of terrain can vary depending on the type of game being played, but there are certain tools that are needed for all games.

The landscape is one factor that will determine how effective a wargame will be when it is played out between two armies fighting each other for control over territory or resources

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